Does an Arcade Machine Use a Lot of Electricity?

Does an Arcade Machine Use a Lot of Electricity?

Does an Arcade Machine Use a Lot of Electricity?” This important question can be answered by saying that it all depends on the type of arcade machine you have and how often it is used. But typically, they don't require a lot of electricity. Arcade machines are devices designed to provide entertainment through playing interactive video games, usually in a coin-operated format. They are often found in arcades, bars and restaurants, amusement parks, movie theaters, and other locations where people gather for fun. 

It is important to know the electricity usage of an arcade machine so that you can better manage your energy costs. By understanding the power consumption of different types of machines, owners can make educated decisions regarding their gaming setup and choose the most energy-efficient options. 

Keep reading the article as we will be providing information on how much electricity an arcade machine can use, the factors that affect its power consumption, and what steps can be taken to reduce electricity costs. 

Understanding Electricity Usage

Understanding electricity use is critical for efficiently managing your energy costs and ensuring that you are consuming the correct quantity of electricity. Watts (W) are the fundamental units of electrical power that quantify how much energy an equipment consumes per second. A gadget with a 1,000 W rating may consume up to 1,000 joules of energy per second.

There is another power metric called Kilowatt Hours (kWh). This one measures how much energy an appliance needs to run over time. Suppose some device has a 1 kWh rating. Then it must consume 1,000 Wh or 1,000 joules of energy every hour in order to function.

Electricity consumption is generally quantified in the quantity of kWh an appliance uses over a certain period. For example, you may calculate how much power your television uses by measuring its electricity use over a month and multiplying it by the cost per kWh your utility provider gives. In the same manner, if an arcade machine uses 100 watts for one hour, it has spent 0.1-kilowatt hours of energy.

Power Consumption of Arcade Machines

An arcade machine's components include the main cabinet, monitor, processor, graphics card, sound system, and other peripheral devices such as joysticks and buttons. These components majorly affect how much energy an arcade machine consumes. 

An arcade machine typically consumes 500-1000 watts, depending on the type and number of components used. This is far more than most home consoles or computers, which typically require less than 200 watts.

Several factors affect power consumption in an arcade machine, including the number and type of components, clock speeds, graphics and sound settings, and other settings like volume or backlight. All these factors need to be considered when calculating an arcade machine's power draw.

Cost of Operating an Arcade Machine

When it comes to calculating the cost of operating an arcade machine, there's a lot to keep in mind. First off, there are upfront expenses, like purchasing, shipping, and installing the machine.

An arcade machine's operating costs include a range of expenses like rental fees, staff salaries, maintenance and repair costs, electricity bills, and insurance premiums. To maximize profits, you may need to allocate some budget towards advertising campaigns.

To assess how an arcade machine's costs stack up against other expenditures, it's essential to examine the cost of play per hour. Consider the unique gameplay experience that an arcade machine offers compared to online gaming platforms or video game consoles. It's worth noting that arcade machines tend to have higher hourly costs due to their larger size, power demands, and upkeep expenses, making them a pricier gaming option. But for some folks, nothing beats the thrill of playing on a real machine – and that's worth paying extra for.

Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption of Arcade Machines

To run arcade machines without breaking the bank and harming the planet, energy efficiency plays a key role. By implementing a few measures, you can lower the machines' carbon footprint and save on operational costs.

Check out some of the best practices for reducing the energy consumption of arcade machines here:

  • Turn off the device while it's not in use. Turning off a machine while you are not using it is the most efficient approach to lessen its impact on the environment. A timer-based system can be used to do this by cutting the power after a specific amount of time.

  • Put in some efficient lights to save electricity. Arcades may drastically cut their electricity use by upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting, improving gamers' lighting experience.

  • Ventilation systems should be used. A reduction in utility bills is a potential benefit of upgrading to more efficient cooling and heating systems. Arcade machine energy consumption may be lowered by installing air filters to trap dust and other airborne impurities.

  • Ensure frequent machine care. In the long term, you can save both time and money by keeping up with the machine's routine maintenance and ensuring that all of its parts are operating at peak performance.

You should know that the cost savings associated with implementing energy-efficient practices are significant. According to the Australian Energy Market Commission, installing energy-efficient lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent, while proper ventilation and maintenance of arcade machines can save as much as 20 percent on electric bills. In addition, regular maintenance of the machine will also help prolong its lifespan, resulting in even greater cost savings over time. With these energy-efficient practices, businesses can expect to save money while helping to protect the environment. 


Arcade games can be used to bring people together on a variety of occasions and are a fantastic source of amusement. However, their energy usage should be kept under check and monitored on a regular basis. We highly advise players to utilize energy-saving practices when running arcade machines, such as using power strips with timers, turning off extraneous lights and noises, and conserving power when not in use. 

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