How Heavy Is An Arcade Machine: Everything You Need to Know!

How Heavy Is An Arcade Machine: Everything You Need to Know!

An arcade machine is a physical case that houses all of the internal components of a gaming system. It is also referred to as an arcade cabinet or simply a cabinet. The gaming machines that are found in arcades are typically large and cumbersome. The question is, how much do they weigh, and what exactly is contained within them? In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the weight of arcade machines, so make sure you don't miss it! In addition to this, we will explore the factors that determine the weight of an arcade machine, as well as discuss some popular games that have particularly heavy machines. So, let's get started!

How Heavy Is An Arcade Machine?

A large, bulky gaming device called an arcade machine was very popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Although there are also tabletop models, arcade machines are typically upright cabinets.

The type of game that an arcade machine typically contains determines the weight of the machine. The typical weight of upright arcade machines ranges from about 165 lbs (75 kg) to more than 1600 lbs (725 kg). The size and complexity of the internal parts, as well as the cabinet design, are the causes of this variation.
Table-top versions of arcade games, which typically weigh around 44 lbs, are among the lighter arcade games (20kg). On the other hand, heavier arcade games can weigh up to 1600 lbs (725 kg) or more, such as driving or shooting games.

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Types of Arcade Machines And Their Weight:

Arcade machines come in various sizes and shapes, each with its own set of weights and components. The following are examples:

Classic upright arcade machines:

The average weight of one of these machines is approximately 165 pounds (75 kg). As a result of their adaptability and user-friendliness, these kinds of arcade machines are typically the most sought-after.

Tabletop arcade machines:

These smaller arcade machines are typically 44 lbs (20 kg), making them significantly lighter than other types of arcade cabinets. They do, however, have fewer components and features than different types of arcade machines.

Driving arcade machines:

Because of their expansive screens, high-end graphics cards, and intricate control systems, these industrial-strength arcade cabinets can weigh up to 1600 pounds (700 kilograms). Racing games and driving simulators are the most common applications for these controllers.

Why Are Arcade Machines So Heavy?

The weight of an arcade machine is determined by several important factors, each of which contributes significantly.

To begin, they must have a large video screen on which to display the game. This is most likely an old CRT monitor, which was quite heavy in comparison to modern flat screens.

Furthermore, arcade machines have complex internal components that necessitate more space and density than standard home gaming systems. High-end graphics cards and powerful sound systems are among them, as are custom-built cabinets designed to withstand the weight and stress of heavy gaming components.

Due to their more sophisticated internal components and the necessary space for those components, arcade machines were simply larger technological objects than modern gaming systems. As a result, they frequently weigh more and take up more space than modern gaming consoles and PCs, which are smaller and more streamlined. Arcade machines are still a common choice for gamers all over the world, despite their size and weight.

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