How Much Does A DIY Arcade Machine Cost? Here's The Truth

How Much Does A DIY Arcade Machine Cost? Here's The Truth

Building a DIY arcade machine may be a fun and enjoyable experience, but there are certain expenses involved. Your budget might be anything from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, and that all depends on the kind of cabinet you want to make. The materials for the cabinet itself, as well as the computer hardware, peripheral devices, and software, are the most typical components for the construction of an arcade machine. When it comes to making your arcade cabinet, this article will cover not only the prices of all of these individual components but it will also provide a few pointers on how to save costs.

Factors That Will Determine How Much an Arcade Machine Costs

The following is a list of the components that will determine the overall cost of your home-built arcade machine:

Materials for the Cabinet:

Depending on the sort of cabinet you wish to design, different materials will be needed. Consider the cost of wood, plywood, and other materials, for instance, if you want to construct a full-sized MAME cabinet with a riser. Depending on the size and intricacy of your design, this might cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $1,000.

Computer Hardware:

The needed computer hardware for an arcade machine might be quite different from one kind of game to another, depending on what types of games you want to run on the machine. You will need a CPU that is at least an Intel i3 or more excellent, 8 GB of RAM, and a hard disk that is at least 500 GB in size for a basic MAME cabinet. In addition to that, you will also need to allocate funds in your budget for a power supply and a video card. Depending on the kinds of games you want to host, this may cost anywhere from around $400 to more than $1,000.


You will also need extra peripherals like a joystick, buttons, speakers, and a display in addition to the computer gear. Your budget and the sort of appearance you're looking for will determine how much you spend here. If you're seeking inexpensive components, the price ranges from under $100 to over $400.


The software is the final key component that you will need to take into consideration. You will need an operating system, the MAME emulator, and potentially other emulators depending on the games that you want to play, to run them. The price of this software may vary anywhere from zero dollars (for open-source operating systems) to more than one hundred dollars for a premium MAME emulator and other emulators.

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Tips For Saving Money When Building A DIY Arcade Machine

The amount of money that you will need to invest in order to construct your very own arcade machine is directly proportional to the components that you choose to employ. When it comes to your construction project, here are some suggestions that might help you save costs:

Use open-source software

Because of this, you may be able to save a large amount of money on the cost of your project.

Reuse components

If you happen to have any unused computer bits laying around, you may want to think about incorporating them into your arcade machine.

Buy used components

When you are making your own do-it-yourself arcade machine, buying secondhand components is an excellent approach to save money since you will be able to locate parts for a fraction of the cost that they were originally sold for.

Get creative

Be inventive when it comes to designing and constructing your cabinet using materials that you already own or that you can acquire for free from other sources.

Building an arcade system from the ground up is no easy task, and the accompanying expenditures may soon pile up. However, following the recommendations above and keeping your budget in mind, you may save a lot of money while making your own DIY MAME cabinet. You can have a fantastic vintage arcade system for a fraction of the cost with careful planning and patience.

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