How Much Does an Arcade Room Cost?

How Much Does an Arcade Room Cost?

As a business owner, you might be dreaming of having your own arcade room. But before jumping in and committing to it, the first question that'll hit you is: how much does an arcade room cost?

Trust us; this is an essential question for long-term satisfaction and profitability. By getting a clear picture of the pricing details involved with installing an arcade haven, you will enable smarter decision-making as per your requirements while keeping costs within limits.

Arcade game rooms are a great way to attract customers who are looking for entertainment beyond traditional dining or shopping experiences. However, they require a significant upfront investment and ongoing expenses such as maintenance. 

Let's discuss everything you need to know about the cost of building up an attractive and engaging arcade gaming experience. Learn from here and wow your guests at your establishment or event venue in NSW, Australia! 

Factors that Affect the Cost of an Arcade Room

Are you planning to bring back nostalgia by building an arcade room in your establishment? While it is undoubtedly a great attraction for gamers of all ages, there are several factors that can affect its cost. From the location and size of your establishment to additional amenities, find out how much it will cost to build your dream gaming venue in this comprehensive guide.

  • Location of your establishment

The location of your establishment plays a significant role in determining the cost of building an arcade room. For example, setting up an arcade game room in Sydney may be more expensive than doing so in smaller cities or towns. 

The cost will also vary depending on the type of venue you choose - corporate entertainment centers might charge higher rent rates compared to small businesses that operate within local communities. 

Keep these factors and average lease costs for different areas and venues in mind when planning your budget for this exciting gaming project!

  • Size of your establishment

It's one of the primary factors that will impact the cost of creating an arcade room. The larger your venue, the more machines and amenities you'll need to keep it lively and entertaining for guests. 

For instance, a small business might only need to lease or buy a handful of machines, while Dave & Buster's, an entertainment center in Sydney with over 150 locations across Australia alone, reportedly spent over $30 million on their state-of-the-art gaming facility in Times Square. 

  • Type of arcade Games

The cost of an arcade room largely depends on how many and what types of games you want to have in your entertainment venue. If you're looking for classic arcade cabinets, they may not be too expensive. However, if you want to include some newer consoles or peripherals along with it, the price could go up a bit more than anticipated.

Some games require additional accessories like VR headsets or motion controllers, which can increase overall costs significantly. For instance, classic cabinets like Galaga or Pac-Man might cost around AUD 3k -5k. At the same time, modern multiplayer ones such as Mario Kart Arcade GP DX may cost up to hundreds/thousands per unit alone, depending on availability.

  • Number of arcade games

The number of arcade games you plan to have in your room will significantly impact the total cost. If you're aiming for more than one or two machines, be prepared to spend a considerable amount on purchasing and setting up each unit. 

Planning to bring some classic arcade cabinets to your business? It's important to know that the cost of a single unit can differ based on things like its condition and rarity. The amount you spend will ultimately depend on the specific machine(s) you plan to acquire in order to make sure they suit your needs. 

  • Quality of arcade games

It's true that quality matters! Old-school classic video game machines may come at a lower price than newer, high-end consoles and equipment. 

For example, an original Ms. Pac-Man machine could be acquired for around AUD 3,000 to AUD 4,000, while newer gaming cabinets or RGB lighting chairs would require an investment in the tens of thousands. 

The choice between old-school and new-age will depend entirely on your budget as well as the target demographics that you wish to cater to!

  • Additional amenities

Aside from arcade cabinets and consoles, additional amenities can cost you some bucks. Consider including pool tables, sound systems, lighting effects, or even a snack bar. 

According to Entrepreneur magazine, adding these extras could add several thousand dollars to your expenses but may significantly boost your potential customer experience and profitability.

  • Labour Costs

Labour costs cover a significant part of the overall expense of building an arcade room. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, you might need to hire architects, contractors, installers, and designers. 

On average, labour expenses can cost anywhere between $100-$200 per hour, depending on whom you choose to work with and where your business is located. Remember that doing proper research ahead of time may save both time and money in this area!

How Much Does an Arcade Room Cost? Cost Breakdown!

It's okay to wonder how much it costs to create your entertainment haven. After considering the factors that impact your arcade room's cost, let's break down the total expense so you get a clearer idea! 

  • Cost of arcade cabinets

You can get cabinets in different sizes and with different features, which will all affect the price. For instance, a cabinet that looks like the old-school classics and holds only one game might cost anywhere from 1,000-3,000 AUD, depending on what kind of package it comes with. 

However, for newer models with many games and upgraded technology like 4K resolution, it can go up to somewhere around the range of $12k-$15K USD (16-20K AUD). The pricing also varies based on availability at different retail companies.

  • Cost of game consoles

When it comes to arcade games, the cost of consoles largely depends on the package you choose. Suppose you're looking for classic old-school arcade game systems; the average price would be around 3–4k USD. If you want newer console gaming options like an Xbox or PlayStation setup with a VR kit or racing chair, it may cost more than 10k USD.

Remember that when building an arcade room in Australia, it's important to keep in mind any licensing and permit fees that may be required by your local government.

  • Cost of furniture and decor

To create an authentic arcade experience, invest in comfortable and functional furniture. The most essential items are gaming chairs, desks or tables to hold monitors, and all necessary equipment. It can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 per chair, depending on their quality. You may also want some old-school arcade cabinets as decor, which will likely cost upwards of a couple of thousand dollars each.

  • Cost of installation and labour

The cost of installation and labour is a significant expense when it comes to building an arcade room. You should know that the scope of the project, complexity of setup, and location greatly impact the price. 

You may have to pay 3,000 to 10,000+ AUD for installation costs, which include all electrical wiring for equipment like arcade game monitors or personal computers (PCs). 

Labour costs also depend upon area-wise hourly wage rates; generally speaking, electricians charge between AUD 100-150 per hour.

Cost Examples of Arcade Rooms

Putting together a space for arcades and choosing essential items like gaming systems, cabinets, and machines requires meaningful thoughts and considerations - regardless of your business size! Get into these cost examples so you know your perfect choice!

  • Small arcade room with 5 arcade games

A small arcade room with five popular arcade games can cost approximately $10,000 to $15,000. This amount covers basic expenses such as cabinets and game PCBs (printed circuit boards). 

The total expense may vary depending on bonus features such as extra chairs or enhanced sound systems. Keep in mind that this is just one example of an average cost, and prices may differ based on location and purchasing choices.

  • Medium arcade room with 10 arcade games

A medium-sized arcade room accommodating about ten classic video game machines will cost an average of $20,000 to $35,000. This may vary depending on the number and types of gaming consoles/accessories you want to add to your package. It could also depend on factors such as rent costs and entertainment venue restrictions.

  • Large arcade room with 20 arcade games

If you want to create a fun, large-scale arcade room with all the essentials, including around 20 machines and accessories, then it will cost between $30,000 and $40,000. If you change your requirements and location, the amount will change too!

One factor your price can depend on is the brand of your choice (new or used). Consumers may want to consider choosing the right size location along with research into local prices per square foot before deciding to invest further.

  • Deluxe arcade room with additional amenities

Looking to create a deluxe game room experience with all the bells and whistles? Expect to spend anywhere between $25,000 - $55,000. 

This cost includes materials such as high-quality arcade systems and cabinets as well as added amenities like pool tables or sound systems. Keep in mind that this price can vary depending on location and desired features.

Ways to Save Money on Arcade Room Costs

There are plenty of ways you can build an arcade room without breaking the bank! From finding second-hand pieces to DIY installation and more, find out how you can keep your costs down without sacrificing quality entertainment. 

  • Purchasing used arcade games

One way to lower costs when building an arcade room is by purchasing used machines. While they may not be in mint condition, you can still find plenty of classic and newer games at a lower price point. 

Check online marketplaces like eBay or Gumtree, and don't hesitate to negotiate prices with sellers – you might just score a great deal!

  • Negotiating with suppliers

Whether you're purchasing game systems, accessories, or cabinets from a retailer or wholesaler, there's always room for negotiation! According to recent research by HubSpot (source), 87% of entrepreneurs who negotiated with their suppliers have managed to save anywhere from 10-25% off the market price. 

Don't be afraid to haggle and try asking for package deals; every dollar counts when building your dream gaming venue!

  • DIY installation

One of the best ways to save money on arcade room costs is by opting for a DIY installation. Instead of hiring professionals to handle everything from game system setup and cabinet installations to electrical wiring and carpentry work, you can take on some (or all) aspects of building your gaming haven and complete it with your in-house staff.

Not only can this approach save you thousands in labour fees alone, but it also gives you more control over every aspect of the process. With an abundance of guides available online these days (along with helpful YouTube tutorials), even beginners can get started without much difficulty.

  • Choosing fewer but high-quality arcade games

Before you start filling up the space with as many gaming machines as possible, keep in mind that choosing high-quality ones over a larger quantity might lead to more long-term savings. It’s tempting to go all out, but investing in quality rather than simply maximising quantity is key to profitability.

By investing in well-built cabinets that offer a variety of classic and new games, you can attract gamers while keeping your costs down. According to recent research by Deloitte, focusing on premium gaming experiences instead of quantity leads to greater profitability for small business owners.

  • Utilising cost-effective decor and furniture

Don't let high-end interior design costs discourage you from building your dream arcade room! With a little creativity, incorporating fun themes or installing colourful lighting can add personality to your venue while keeping overheads minimal. For instance, using LED RGB lighting strips (source) instead of traditional bulbs can brighten up any room in attractive hues with less consumption!

Where to Buy Arcades Machine?

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As a business owner, it's paramount to understand every cost related to an arcade room's construction. Expenses such as location, game type and quality, labour costs, and additional amenities are important factors that affect your budget. 

With prudent planning and strategizing around viable options like purchasing used machines or negotiating with suppliers, you can save money without compromising on the thrill factor of quality games. Plan the budget according to your strengths and create your dream arcade today!

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