Is Investing in the Arcade Worth It

Is Investing in the Arcade Worth It? The Profitable and Fun Investment

Absolutely, the arcade is a wise and good investment! Gaming is more than a recreational pursuit that builds your social circle; it is also an economically rewarding venture. Arcades have experienced a revival as gamers seek entertainment options beyond the digital realm. There's no denying that the current gaming landscape presents an ideal chance to acquire one!

Benefits of Investing in an Arcade Machine

Investing in an arcade machine is more than just a cool addition to your business. There are several advantages that come with owning one of these machines, and they go beyond just the financial ones.

  • High-Profit Potential

One major advantage of investing in arcade games is their high-profit potential. Arcade machines appeal to people of all ages, making it simple for owners to rake in significant revenues from quarters dropping through coin slots. Statistics estimate popular games may generate anywhere from $350-$1000 weekly revenue streams.

  • Steady Income Stream

With steady foot traffic comes an ongoing source of revenue - even after customers have made purchases at your establishment. In essence, providing entertainment will pay dividends!

  • Enhancing the Customer Experience

Owning an arcade machine will elevate customer experiences by offering an activity that's truly interactive: gaming! Customers visiting your venue will always experience something exciting when they enter, making every visit an entertaining one for all involved! 

  • Attracting New Customers

Acquiring new customers becomes simpler when your entertainment options can attract them at reasonable rates; providing regular visitors from rival establishments the option to visit you instead can potentially turn their loyalty away and towards yours.

  • Fun and Interactive Environment

Last but not least, owning a quality arcade machine creates opportunities for versatile social interactions with friends or clients, from drinking sessions while playing some old-school classics like Galaga or Space Invaders together while having drinks!

Cost of Investing in an Arcade Machine

Now that we understand the advantages of investing in arcade machines, let's examine their expenses. These investment vehicles may bring lucrative returns; however, as with any venture, there will always be expenses involved.

  • Initial Investment

Initial investments depend heavily on the type and quality of the machine you plan to buy, from cheaper imported items that don't provide significant returns to higher quality devices starting around $2k+ that provide greater long-term profit potential. When choosing, be mindful of investing wisely with long-term profits in mind rather than simply purchasing what seems 'cheap' upfront.

  • Maintenance and Repair Costs

Arcade machine owners must also consider maintenance and repair costs when operating these machines in order to maximise revenue generated. This means regular cleaning or fixing any potential issues before they become more costly repairs.

  • Operational costs

Running operational systems requires paying utility bills such as energy consumption and equipment insurance/taxes on an ongoing basis - expenses most business owners expect but could overlook in their budgeting plans at times! Therefore, make sure budget adjustments take place appropriately!

  • Return On Investment (ROI)

Calculating your return on investment (ROI) depends on multiple variables such as location (foot traffic/usage frequency, for instance), types and quality of games offered, as well as additional services provided (food/beverages). Payback periods tend to range from six months to two years; anything longer could signal maintenance issues that require immediate attention, such as machinery servicing or outright replacement/s.

Types of Arcade Machines to Invest In

Know your machine! When it comes to investing, knowing what machines exist in the market can give an investor great returns! Let's examine some types of machines available to invest in.

  • Classic Arcade Machines

Arcade classics such as Space Invaders or Pac-Man may hold sentimental value to some individuals and make great additions to a home entertainment room, though these options might not generate as much income!

  • Video Arcade Games

Modern arcade games such as racing simulators or fighting games offer more immersive and engaging play experiences compared to their classic versions - typically earning between $100 - 300 per week!

  • Redemption Arcade Machines

These arcade machines include whack-a-mole-style attractions. You will find players trying to redeem tickets earned by playing these unique gameplay offerings. These could make you anywhere between $150-$400 per week on average, based solely on popularity alone!

  • Pinball Machines

Pinball machines provide both modern and nostalgic experiences at the same time, typically yielding an average profitability range of $200. Pinballs may make a good addition to modern PC servers for expanded connectivity capabilities, making the experience exhilarating all over again!

Factors to Consider Before Investing in an Arcade Machine

Before purchasing an arcade machine, it's crucial to carefully consider various components that could significantly influence its results. Prior to making any decisions regarding purchase decisions or financing arrangements, analysing these variables must take place first.

  • Target Audience

Deciding the type of machine to invest in depends heavily on who your target market is. Choose machines that appeal most strongly to that group by considering age and interest demographics when making this selection - doing this increases customer satisfaction while simultaneously increasing profitability significantly! When implemented appropriately, this strategy increases both customer satisfaction and profits simultaneously!

  • Location

Location for an arcade business should also be carefully considered when thinking about how best to position yourself for success; since visibility matters. Visible sites that receive significant public traffic are ideal, as these will attract more players/customers with each coin dropped! For example, shopping mall areas or family dining restaurants that prefer having children entertained while parents dine could greatly benefit from targeted planning/set-up efforts that appeal directly to these customer needs, especially effective during peak seasonal tourist visits in coastal towns all across NSW!

  • Available Space

Another crucial consideration would be available space requirements. That's because arcades have quite large add-ons due-to equipment requirements, typically 1–2 sqm per device minimum. This makes understanding how much physical room you require before going forward essential, especially since crowding could discourage patrons from returning due to tighter-than-expected settings.

  • Available Budget

This factor deals with budgeting strength and its effects. Opting for high-definition game software and modern system operating circuitry may incur higher initial costs compared to classic retro offerings. However, their long-term ROI returns may prove superior given their longevity and appeal to younger generations, who value "coolness" features such as augmented or virtual reality over nostalgia alone.

  • Business Plan

In the gaming industry, business plans are crucial for scheduling succession methods, promoting popular new releases through marketing plans, and implementing employee training and scheduling. Metric reporting procedures are also put in place to track expenditures, including revenue generated, and measure long-term investment performance. In addition, accounting finance repairs and maintenance cost projections are essential for future planning.

Steps to Take Before Investing in an Arcade Machine

Prior to investing in an arcade machine, there are certain steps you must take in order to ensure its successful purchase and operation. From researching the market to selecting an ideal supplier - here's how you should get started.

  • Research and Compare Prices

Before diving into investing, it is crucial that potential investors conduct in-depth product and price comparison research across brands to gain an idea of which items may be reasonable and trustworthy investments for their intended ventures. Recent market surveys conducted by industry giants IBISWorld provide in-depth quarterly data that highlights revenue streams per location demographics as well as annual surges, which indicates 0.5% ARR adjustments towards growth!

  • Determine the Purpose and Placement of the Machine

Step two is determining the purpose, placement, and usage frequency for the machine in question. This decision heavily relies on passing-by customers at your establishment as this determines size/quantity selection decisions accordingly. Also, keep accounting/facility management inputs in mind should any be present there.

  • Select the Appropriate Type of Arcade Machine

Now, it is important to choose an appropriate type of arcade machine. No two categories serve the same function, though certain machines offer unique benefits over others! Sit-down racing games are particularly long-lasting, while classic pinball machines (thanks to Era) still remain popular among newer age groups, as these machines benefit from ongoing technological improvements!

  • Choose a Reputable Supplier

Arcade machine investments require careful thought when selecting an ideal supplier, both for integrity reasons and quality assurance purposes. Arcades Australia, NSW's one-stop shop for arcades, provides high-quality custom-made solutions tailored to fit into your ideal business plans. You can reach long-term profit margins while still offering captivating entertainment value through every game piece we supply throughout Australia!

Tips for Maintaining an Arcade Machine

Investment in an arcade machine can be an excellent way to generate both revenue and entertainment, yet maintenance plays a vital role in prolonging its useful life.

  • Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are integral parts of keeping everything running smoothly. Take time each day/week/month or whichever regularity is appropriate – depending on usage frequency. Give machines thorough check-ups top-to-bottom. Wiping down fingerprints, dust, or dirt accumulation are common issues preventing proper functionality, amongst other factors such as game glitches. These require immediate attention before they worsen, which could lead to damaging components needing repair!

  • Timely repairs

Becoming aware of warning signs quickly can save money in replacement expenses by quickly acting upon warnings and making timely repairs when needed. Stay vigilant and make timely repairs when needed to keep your gear in top shape. Plus, conduct proactive checks regularly for worn-out components or potential risks caused by faulty machines during operations. It is highly advised to hire qualified technicians with expertise in machinery repair for greater uptime incidents and increased productivity levels.

  • Updating Games and Software

Staying abreast with software and game updates with relevant add-ons is vital to combatting monotony and maintaining customer retention for increased profits over the long run. This leads to increased profits and attracts newer clientele who seek modern gameplay experiences. By investing early and strategically in minor updates, businesses may see significant returns over extended time frames!

  • Ensuring the Safety of the Machine and Customers

Assuring the safety of both machines and customers is of utmost importance in gaming equipment use. Regulations in states like NSW, Victoria, and Queensland mandate business owners not only to have appropriate cooling fans on gaming machines but also to have adequately-trained staff who can deal with emergency situations while assuring customers follow safety regulations - thus keeping everyone's enjoyment at its peak!


Overall, investing in arcade machines is both financially rewarding and entertaining, offering businesses various potential advantages over time. From new customers coming through your doors to offering something exclusive for long standing patrons - an arcade machine investment offers multiple rewards that could prove fruitful in business settings of all sorts.

Though initial investment costs and ongoing maintenance fees can be high, this venture presents many opportunities for engaging in social interactions between staff members and valued customers alike.

Know that arcade machines' future in the entertainment industry is bright! Even as virtual reality advances rapidly in gaming technology, traditional titles remain highly preferred by players. Making strategic investments and taking advantage of previously unexplored revenue streams could bring in big returns! Just sit back, relax, and watch them come pouring in!

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