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An arcade machine is a kind of video game console that is generally seen in public spaces like restaurants, pubs, bowling alleys, arcades, and movie theatres. They are also becoming more and more common as household appliances. There are several alternatives for arcade games for sale in Perth, but Arcades Australia has the finest collection. We'll cover all there is to know about arcade games in this blog article, along with the reasons our shop in Perth ought to be your first choice for buying one.

A Brief History of Arcade Machines

Arcade machines have been present since the early 1970s when they were initially used in public places like restaurants and pubs. The first arcade machine was named "Computer Space," and it was designed by Nolan Bushnell, an Atari co-founder. The game was a space-themed shooter that allowed players to operate a spacecraft with a joystick and fire at enemy ships on the screen.

While "Computer Space" was not a financial success, it prepared the way for other arcade games that would go on to become massive hits, such as "Pac-Man" and "Donkey Kong." Namco produced these arcade games, which were worldwide sensations in the 1980s.

With the introduction of home video game systems such as the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 in the 1990s, arcade machine popularity started to drop. However, there has been a recent revival in interest in arcade machines, especially among nostalgic adults who remember playing them as youngsters.

Why You Should Purchase an Arcade Machine from Arcades Australia in Perth

There are several reasons why you should buy an arcade machine from our company, but we will just highlight a few of the most significant.

To begin with, we offer an extensive range of arcade machines for sale, so you are likely to discover one that meets your requirements.

Second, our arcade machines are constructed using high-quality materials and are covered by a guarantee.

Finally, all of our arcade equipment is reasonably priced.

So, if you're searching for an arcade machine in Perth, go no further than Arcades Australia! To learn more about our goods and services, contact us today.

  • STREET FIGHTER II¬†with 10,000 arcade games

    Price: $990 | Additional Stand: $260

    The iconic Street Fighter franchise been one of the most popular games in history. Our design features RYU vs KEN graphics for the ultimate battle experience.


  • PAC-MAN¬†with 10,000 arcade games

    Price: $990 | Additional Stand: $260

    Officially confirmed as the most recognisable video game character¬†by the Guinness Book of World Records, you can't go wrong with this design!¬†Did you know¬†Pac-Man was¬†first¬†got its name from¬†the Japanese word ‚Äėpaku,‚Äô which means ‚Äėchomp.‚Äô

  • SPACE INVADERS¬†with 10,000 arcade games

    Price: $990 | Additional Stand: $260

    Another iconic video game title! Space Invaders shook the video game industry with its release and is still a fan favourite. One of our most popular designs!

  • DONKEY KONG¬†with 10,000 arcade games

    Price: $990 | Additional Stand: $260

    Our personal favourite... Donkey Kong!

    Did you know "Donkey Kong" was meant to translate to "Stupid Ape" because the creator thought "Donkey" meant "Stupid".

  • SUPER MARIO¬†with 10,000 arcade games¬†

    Price: $990 | Additional Stand: $260

    This design will instantly brighten up any room it goes in. The iconic Mario and Luigi duo has become a household name. An awesome pick for children (and the children at heart)! 

    Did you know Mario was initially a carpenter (not a plumber) and the game was first called "JUMPMAN". 

Popular  Arcade Machines for Sale

The following are some of the arcade games that are among our most sought-after offerings:

-Ms. Pac-Man

-Donkey Kong

-Street Fighter II

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV

-NBA Jam

Ms. Pac-Man is a legendary arcade game that debuted in 1981. The game is fairly similar to the classic arcade game "Pac-Man," except it has a female protagonist and several unique gameplay components.

Donkey Kong is another iconic arcade game that debuted in 1981. The plot revolves around Donkey Kong, who must save his lover, Pauline, from the titular ape.

Street Fighter II is a fighting game that debuted in 1991. Because of its innovative gameplay and personality, the game became very popular.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV was launched in 1992 as a side-scrolling action game. The game is based on the same-named comic book and animation property.

NBA Jam is a basketball arcade game that debuted in 1993. The game is well-known for its outrageous gameplay and characters.

These are just a few of the arcade machines available for purchase at our shop.

Contact Arcade Australia!

Arcade Australia is the most excellent location in Perth to purchase arcade machines. We provide high-quality arcade equipment at reasonable pricing. So, if you are interested in obtaining an arcade machine, please contact us right away!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog article! We hope you found it educational and helpful. Please contact us if you have any inquiries concerning arcade machines or our business. We will be delighted to address any queries you may have.

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